UNITED party for national development (UPND) Mazabuka’s Nakambala ward Councilor Kelvin Muleya has threatened to disrupt the Zambia Union of Sugar Industry and Allied Worker (ZUSIAW) elections slated for tomorrow Friday October 16, if the voters registered is tempered.
SPEAKING in an interview with journalists, Muleya says he will not tolerate any tempering of the voters register for the union as he suspects foul play with the register.
Muleya who claims that the previous (ZUSIAW) elections were marred with irregularities, alleged that the voters register for the electoral college of the union was tempered forcing other union members even fail to vote.
He claims that the previous poll the voters register was manupilated to favor certain individuals a situation he says will not be tolerated this time around.
The Nakambala ward civic leader who also advised the union leaders to detach themselves from politics but save the interest of the union members, urged (ZUSIAW) members to ensure they turnout in numbers and elect leaders of their choice in the union elections slated for (Friday) October 16, 2020 at Zambia sugar.
But when contacted for a comment Zambia Union of Sugar Industry and Allied Worker (ZUSIAW) communications and public relations director Live Hachonda Siagandu wondered how a person who was not a member of the union wants to meddle in the affairs of the union.
Siagandu says (ZUSIAW) as an autonomous union is dealing with its bonafide members and not people who are not affiliated to the union.
The (ZUSIAW) communications and public relations director advised the Nakambala ward councilor to instead keep his lane and concentrate on his civic duties.
He says if the civic leader has any issues, he must instead visit the offices and engage the Union leadership, maintained that the elections set for this Friday October 16 are for (ZUSIAW) members who are employees of Zambia sugar.
Siagandu who further urged all members of (ZUSIAW) to turn out in numbers and participate in the elections slated for Friday October 16, 2020, says in case there are union members who have been skipped by mistake can carry their pay slip and use it to participate in the union elections.


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