Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has accused the Patriotic Front (PF) of scheming to stage fake defections in Namwala District today.
UPND Southern Province Chairperson Billiard Makwembo claims that trucks were seen ferrying PF cadres to Namwala.
He further claims that the fake UPND members will be paraded during this supposed defection and are being directed what say against the opposition party.
Mr. Makwembo says the PF must understand that such lies will not take them anywhere and they cannot penetrate in Southern Province as the region will always be a stronghold for UPND.
He says his party is also not shaken following the visit of the Patriotic Front PF National Mobilization Committee Member Bizwell Mutale in Pemba.
And Namwala UPND Chairperson Wilson Mukuwa has accused Mr. Bizwell Mutale of using village headmen to fake defections in Namwala.
But Mr. Mutale has refuted the claims coming from UPND stating that the opposition party has lost popularity and ground in the region, and this is why they are making such baseless claims.
He says PF cannot fake defections when it is now the most loved party in Southern Province and in the country.


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