By Bright Mudonga
A 23-YEAR-OLD woman of Sinazongwe District who dropped out of school due to pregnancy at the age of 15, has advised uneducated women to go back to school.
Pamela Choonga, who is a grade eleven pupil at Sinazongwe Secondary School, says women should strive to get an education regardless of their marital status or age.
She feels an educated woman is most likely to be self-reliant, entrepreneurial and can contribute to poverty reduction at household and community levels.
Choonga said this in an exclusive interview with Choma Maanu Radio News at her school Wednesday morning.
The woman, who has two children, said the love for education prompted her to go back to school adding that her husband encouraged her to enroll at Sinazongwe Secondary.
She has commended Gossiner Mission of Germany for supporting Kaluli Development Foundation KDF through Sustainable Gender Equity Project SUGEP for promoting the rights of children across the country.
Choonga stated that this was evidenced through the efforts Kaluli Development Foundation KDF is doing on ending child marriages which aims at combating child marriages as well as teenage pregnancies.
And Sinazongwe Secondary Head teacher Vincent Mwangana has commended KDF for playing an important role in reducing child marriages and early pregnancies at his school.
Mr. Mwangana said KDF have greatly reduced the number of children getting married.
Speaking to Choma Maanu News yesterday, the head teacher said there is need for KDF to continue campaigning against this vice as it affects the girl child.


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