Senior Chief Chipepo of the Tonga people of Gwembe District has urged government to halt the teaching of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools.
Chief Chipepo says CSE sexualizes children, promotes alien sexual education and practices and is harmful to children because they may want to experiment what they learn.
He says CSE is not an answer to challenges related to teen pregnancies, child marriages, and sexual abuse against adolescents as argued by its promoters.
He tells journalists that CSE is against Zambia’s cultural, traditional and religious values and urged government to abandon its teaching in schools.
The Chief says CSE is not age appropriate especially that the curriculum targeted children as young as those attending schools from Grade 5 to Grade 7.
The traditional leader becomes the second one after Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people condemned the teaching of condemned CSE.
Promoters of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, UNFPA, UNESCO and IPPF contend that CSE will help reduce teen pregnancies, child sexual abuse and child marriages.
The agencies have collaborated with Curriculum Development Centre at the Ministry of Education to integrate and roll out CSE in the national education curriculum.


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