Over 13, 100 farmers under the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) in Chikankata district are currently being compensated after losing their crops due to adverse weather conditions in the 2018/19 agriculture season.
District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO) Dr. Phanuel Nyimba explains that a total of 13,238 farmers benefit under FISP in Chikankata but only 13,104 qualified for compensation under the Weather Index Insurance Scheme.
Dr. Nyimba tells Radio Chikuni News that the selected farmers are receiving payouts of K320 each in form of their preferred inputs such as groundnuts, soya beans and herbicides.
He says farmers are currently being paid out and only about 300 of them had not yet received their compensation as of 9th February, 2021.
Dr. Nyimba has since expressed happiness that the payout process is going on well and commended the selected agro dealers for supplying the inputs needed by farmers.


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