Patriotic front Member of the Central committee Kebby Mbewe has refuted allegations by the opposition United Party for National Development that the PF government tried to temper with the Internet during the UPND national elections that where held this week on Sunday.
Mbewe tells Choma Maanu Radio station that opposition must be realistic and not involve the government of the day in their own failures. He said that the PF has very important things to concentrate on than tempering with the internet. The MCC said that it is surprising why it it’s always the UPND crying and blaming everything on the government.

Mr. Mbewe also accused the opposition party of failing to term their party carders. He said that every time the UPND is having a gathering, there is bloodshed and fights. He was commenting on the fight that happened on the same day where UPND carders are allegedly accused of storming the new bus station and engaging in fight with PF carders. He said that is a clear indication that the UPND has failed to provide leadership. He said that PF carders at the Bus station are few and that they can’t start a fight.

Mbewe was speaking in a telephone interview with Choma Maanu Radio Station yesterday.


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