The Anti- Voter Apathy says it wants to see many people registering as voters through the online registration launched by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and when the physical registration starts on 28th October 2020.
Executive Director Richwell Mulwani says the organisation will soon roll out programs aimed at encouraging people to register as voters especially those doing it for the first time.
Mr. Mulwani says the programs will also involve training those aspiring for political positions in the 2021 elections because political parties have no capacity to educate their members and that is why it is difficult to sustain democracy in this country.
He told the media that the two programs to be launched soon are ‘Go Vote Go’ which intends make sure people are focused towards the voting process and not be entangled in other things.
Mr. Mulwani adds that the other program other program is the ‘One People Peace’ campaign which aims at preaching unity and fighting against divisive tribal statements from all political parties.
Meanwhile Gwembe Town Council Secretary Bishop Shem Samalela in the District to register as voters once the exercise commences as announced.
Bishop Samalela says ECZ is targeting to register 9 million voters during the exercise and it is important that people in the district are not left out.


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